WORKSHOP: Self Defense with Karate

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Hello everyone!
I’m glad to bring you the news that I was invited by Helsingin Aikuisopisto (Institute of Adult Education) to teach a special workshop on “Karate & Self Defense”, happening on the 2nd and 3rd of March, 2013, in Tanssisali, Kuortaneenkatu 3 C, from 11:30 to 14:45 on both dates.

I would be honored to have your presence, so come practice with us and bring your friends and family to share an experience that aims to give you motivation, self-confidence, discipline, reaction, respect, coordination, fitness, relaxation, and much more!

The price for the 8 hours of course is €30

Limited spots: 16!

Be quick and register @
with the code 8301230 for the course!

Adapted to all levels and ages!


Here is the program for the course: (learn by doing)

PART 1 – basics

1. What do you feel when you are attacked?
2. How to overcome/use fear? The right mind-set.
3. Learning to accept/cope with touch.
4. Reacting or not? How to choose?
5. Common attacking situations.
6. Body’s weak points. Know them to protect them and to use them for your protection.
7. Basic defense mechanisms: un-grips; body stances; vocals; etc…

PART 2 – techniques

1. Combinations:
Standing strikes
Against a wall
On the ground

2. Improvisation: attacks and reaction