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The Seitokai app is your personal training companion as you learn and practice Karate-Do Shotokan. The app is primarily aimed for current members of our local Seitokai dojo in Helsinki, Finland but others are welcome to explore the app as many of the features are unlocked.


The Seitokai app will help provide reinforcement, training ideas and conditioning challenges that will be beneficial for karate-do training between classes. Here are some of the highlights of the app:


• Kihon, Kata and Kumite for different belt levels (White and Yellow are unlocked for FREE.)

• Log your training sessions to keep track of your progress.

• Accept different training Challenges that will guide and assist you while away from the dojo and post to the online leaderboard.

• Register attendance for classes at our local dojo in Helsinki, Finland.

• Pesonalize your own content or link to YouTube videos through the Media library so you have quick reference to techniques and different karate elements.

• And more!


Local students will receive unlock codes upon completing their belt tests. This will allow you to review past karate-do and prepare for future belt test and competition.


If you have ideas or suggestions for future improvements, please let us know.




Seitokai Sports Oy